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Dock Services

J.Macís Docks shop is based in Poland, Maine and our lakeside service area is based out from there. We service as far south as the Limington, Limerick, Standish, South Windham and Gray areas. West we go as far out as Hiram, Denmark and Fryeburg. The north direction would be Lovell, Waterford and Norway. And lastly east area coverage goes as far out as some of the small ponds in Auburn. Below is a list of our charges for the 2018 season.




Installations and Removals



Gang plank $30
Dock sections $75
Stair section $75
Ramp section $75
Float ramp section $75
Non-anchored swim float $75
Anchored floats $75
Roller docks $75
45į dock section $30
Boarding step $30
Ladder $15
Bench $15
Box step $10
Railings $10
Solar pipe light $5
Boat bumper $1
Kayak rack arm $1
Mooring whips (pair) $20
Mooring ball $75
Boat lift "site specific" $350-$700
Boat lift canopy frames $200
Boat lift canopy covers $200
Jet ski lift $75
Row boats & paddle boats $50
Canoe's & kayaks $15
Labor $60 hr.
On-site dock staining $2.25 sq. ft.
On-site pressure washing $2.00 sq. ft.
Oversized large or heavy dock, floating or rolling sections $90-$160
Mid-season height adjustments, per section $30
Hook-n-lock pipe braces $3


This is an example of why you don't want to wait until November to schedule your dock removal.

We do on-site dock pressure washing and staining. We like to keep things looking wicked good!

Is pressure washing really worth the effort? This picture was taken after pressure washing half of this customers swim raft. Can you tell which side was pressure washed?

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